This is the Official Equal To God website!

ETG is a new upstart Xbox Live clan specializing in objective based First Person Shooters.

Spawned from the origins of the Unreal Championship universe, ETG has a strict non-douche bag policy when affiliating with the online gaming community.

This site contains topics of interests, it includes…

ETG Forum – Post and Reply to whatever.
ETG War Records – An accurate and update account of the battlefield results of ETG Clan matches.
ETG Bio’s – Pertinent information of ETG members and a enemy list of particular individuals of dislike.
ETG Video’s/ Music – Chosen entertainment of the group.
ETG Recommendations – Professional advice on life and a higher standard of living.
Illuminati – Tracking of the movements of the ultra powerful freemason’s and there global agenda.
Punky’s Say’s – Updated on the 1st of every month this is a special message from America’s most popular house cat Punky St. Clair.

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